A Fresh Look

Brad King

Development Updates

The last week has been a busy one, from talking to new connections on Linkedin, to developing a fancy new landing page for our website. We’ve also been exploring manchester based startup accelerators and communities to really help drive HoneypotDB forward. We’re really excited about the future!

A fancy new website

We’ve had the below landing page a long time now, originally setup simply as a way to reserve the domain during initial development. As HoneypotDB evolves closer to a release, our website needs to evolve too.

Old Website

This past week, we’ve been working on developing our new landing page , replacing the current with a cleaner look, more in line with our branding and places to showcase HoneypotDB’s features.

Check out a sneak peek of the new design so far below:



The new deign better incorporates the HoneypotDB hexagons, provides spaces to demonstrate the platform through a video and our features.

Furthermore, the search bar at the top of the page will allow you to get an instant, no login required assessment of an indicator or CVE. We’re really looking forward to progressing with development.

Cookies, cookies everywhere!

Wheter you love them or hate them, cookies do enable some really useful functionalities for us, like site usage analytics and user customizations. We’ve recently integrated Google Analytics into both our landing page and blog to start collecting some basic metrics.

To comply with various data privacy laws, we’ve added that cookies consent banner we’ve all come to love and adore. Accepting this prompt will enable the loading on such cookies and provide us wth key metrics for us to ensure HoneypotDB’s success. You are also welcome to decline to keep your browser cookie free and can update your preferences any time with the option in both site’s footers.

Furthermore, we’ve also got areally exciting new privacy policy which makes for great bedtime reading should you fancy it.

Auth API Awesomeness

In the works for a while has been our Authentication API. We’re using Auth0 as our IdP to handle the actual login side of things, but API specific components like user metadata, API Keys keys and evaluating Authorization rules is managed by us. The Authentication API has been designed to care of this for us, and you’ll be using it too to manage your own HoneypotDB account.

Work this week has been focused on integrating user and account metadata pulled form the Authentication API onto our UI. Soon you’ll be able to view and manage your account via the web UI 🎉 .

Accelerated by the community

We’ve been welcomed with open arms by the community since our first update last week, many thanks to everyone who reached out to show support, reacted and shared our announcements .

A special thanks goes to Liam Brennan from Left FootForward for introducing us to the guys at the Manchester Digital Security Hub, DiSH . We’re really looking forward to exploring opportunities!

Where to follow

We’re hope you’re as excited about HoneypotDB as we are, and look forward to you giving us a try later this year. In the meantime, we invite you to keep in touch via our various socials.

We’re also planning to post regular updates on our development progress on this blog. So keep us bookmarked, or watch out for the post on socials. 🚀