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Brad and Matt are experts in the threat intelligence space! There product gives you comfort in knowing what threats should be prioritized and which are false positives, this allows me to be more productive in my day and I highly recommend HoneypotDB.

Andrew Henshall

Cyber Security Consultant

… I often found it really hard to get reliable data. I used to turn to twitter but then found I was only seeing the hyped up vulnerabilities and often missing what we were actually facing in our infrastructure. … with HoneyPotDB they’re going after whats being attacked so you can balance the hyped up vulnerabilties with what is actually being exploited!

Jessica Rowley

Platform Engineer

HoneyPotDB stands to move threat feeds to the next level. Its focus on observing the real-world activities of attackers and providing this data all the way through to SOC analysts on the ground has the potential to improve the robustness of our alert investigations and support our mission of delivering clear, practical advice to our clients.

Anthony Green

CTO at FoxTech CYber

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