Building Threat Intelligence That’s Better

Tagged and Enriched

Obsessed with Context

Everything mapped to MITE ATT&CK and D3FEND

Linked to targeted technologies and industries

Highlights related attacks and likely compromises

Complete access to all our data

Access to real attack logs and examples

Captured attacks are logged and fully accessible in their raw form, building a repository of real attacks to build detection riles off.

Finally, data to create regex for your detection rules!

Access every process spawned, network event, command ran, and file accessed during an attack

Literally play SNAP, with our data and logs in your SIEM

Via our Search API or web console

World Map

Backed by real Data, not speculation

Captured from our network of Honeypots

Backed by High Interaction Honeypots

Disguised as real technology stacks within a complete network

Nothing installed in your network means no risk

Data-driven Threat Intelligence

Backed by powerful capabilities


Dive deep into the activity of hackers, analysing threats with powerful search, visualisations, dashboards and real example logs

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Quickly discover and block malicious sources through our MIRE ATT&CK-based IOC reputation, driven by live malicious activity

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Stay ahead of malware through analysis of trends, samples, their exploits and our downloadable malware repository

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Receive instance alerts in response to the latest events, threat intelligence, adversaries or your saved searches

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Real-World Risk Assessment


Weighted by a severity MITRE ATT&CK matrix and actual attacks happening in the wild, our ‘Real-World Risk Score’ provides an at-a-glance assessment for an indicator or CVE.

Every increment or decrease in score has a reason and associated log,

Actual samples used in the wild


They’re all available for download and offline analysis too.

Be on the lookout


Get alerted when attacks on technologies you use or known vulnerabilities in your stack are rising.

Stay ahead of attackers and prioritize your response.