Real-time threat intelligence, driven by the activity of cyber adversaries

Interrogate activity

Dive deep into the activity of hackers, analysing threats with powerful search, visualisations, dashboards and intelligence feeds

Track malware

Stay ahead of malware through analysis of trends, samples, their exploits and our downloadable malware repository.

IP Reputation

Quickly discover and block malicious sources through our MIRE ATT&CK based IP reputation, driven by live malicous activity

Activity Monitoring

Receive instance alerts in response to the latest events, threat intelligence, adversaries or your saved searches

Do more with powerful tools

Our powerful but intuitive web UI ensures you can focus on cyber intelligence. Dive deep into events, reputation and malware through extensive search, and visualise with graphs, charts, metrics and custom dashboards.

Extensive data feeds

Download complete lists of IP addresses, usernames, passwords and techniques used by attackers to bolster your own defences and build a picture of a vulnerability's attack surface.

Real-time data for the latest threats

Our team continuously monitor the threat landscape, creating new honeypots to detect the latest CVEs and scale existing deployments according to trends.

Actionable intelligence

Stay informed with our threat intelligence feeds and regular reports from our threat analysts. Our intelligence is clear, concise and informative, allowing you to take action.

A full RestAPI for unlimited integration

Integrate HoneypotDB into your existing platforms through our complete RestAPI and integrations with third-party technologies. Anything you can do in the UI, you can do with the API (and more).

Driven by a global Honeypot network