Threat Intelligence
that’s actually useful

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Log4Shell Attack Chain

Clear attack visuals

Redefining Intelligence

Mapped to MITE ATT&CK and D3FEND

Clearly articulates the attack process

Contextulised with IOCs (Indicators of Compromise)

Real-World Attack Data

Backed by Data, not speculation

Tried and tested in the wild, all our intelligence is derived from real-world attack data, made open and accessible.

Complete access to all our data

Literally play SNAP, with our data and logs in your SIEM

Enriched with context, taxonomy and TTPs

Data-driven Threat Intelligence

Backed by powerful capabilities


Dive deep into the activity of hackers, analysing threats with powerful search, visualisations, dashboards and real example logs

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Quickly discover and block malicious sources through our MIRE ATT&CK-based IOC reputation, driven by live malicious activity

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Stay ahead of malware through analysis of trends, samples, their exploits and our downloadable malware repository

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Receive instance alerts in response to the latest events, threat intelligence, adversaries or your saved searches

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Focused on Context

Taxonomy that’s unrivaled

Enriching intelligence with metadata and tags to paint a clear picture of the surrounding attack landscape. Ingesting our intelligence is easy and genuinely adds value.

Filter by indicator type or attack

Highlight locations and threat actors

Understand attacks with TTPs and action tags

Understand the attack process

Transforming Junior Analysts into Senior Threat Hunters

Empower analysts with the skills to recognize and attack within a sea or raw logs and data.

Forget artificial intelligence, we’re creating Human Intelligence.

Real attack logs examples

Literally play SNAP, with our data and logs in your SIEM

Learn how to exploit a vulnerability to better defend it

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