Redefining Intelligence

We provide an Insight into the mechanics behind an attack, gaining a clear understanding of the threat, not just how to detect.

Backed by Data, not speculation

Tried and tested in the wild, all our intelligence is derived from real-world attack data, made open and accessible.

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Taxonomy that's unrivaled

Enriching intelligence with metadata and tags to paint a clear picture of the surrounding attack landscape. Ingesting our intelligence is easy and genuinely adds value.

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Transforming Junior Analysts into senior Threat Hunters

Our intelligence empowers analysts with the skills toi recognize and attack within a sea or daw logs and data, Forget artificial intelligence, we're creating Human Intelligence.

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Understand Attacks

Learn how a particular attack is exploited with real-world MITRE ATT&CK based examples.

Build better detection rules with real exploits and indicators.

‘Break The Chain’ with MITRE D3FEND defense recommendations

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