We're HoneypotDB

We're on a mission to tackle the cyber industry's lack of quality of threat intelligence

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Our Mission

At HoneypotDB, we're tackling a number of issues with the current quality of threat intelligence, including its unreliability, often being stale or irrelevant, hard to understand and complexity to take true advantage of.

Our solution is a Threat Intelligence platform that's driven by a global network of thousands of CVE Honeypots, collecting real-world attack data based on the activity of hackers in the wild.

We're capturing everything, from the tactics, procedures, tools and payloads used by attackers in the wild to generate our intelligence and bridge the gap for analysts to better understand attacks

Meet the Team

Born from a shared passion for technology and security, our founding duo Brad and Matt both have first-hand experience as Analysts on Team Blue, Innovating as Engineers and building products from the ground up.

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