FoxTech – Our first Beta Tester

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Beta Program

HoneypotDB proudly announces FoxTech as our pioneering partner in the Beta Program and Customer Advisory Board.

About FoxTech

A fellow Cyber Runway program Alumnai and startup/scale-up, FoxTech offers a managed SOC providing security monitoring and vulnerability management with FoxTech DEFEND and ASSURE, coupled with penetration testing presented through a single dashboard with FoxTech VERIFY

We offer a range of highly-effective, affordable cyber security services to help your organisation build resilience against cyber threats.

Our mission is to help organisations establish effective cyber security solutions. Our experienced team has the knowledge and understanding to produce a robust security strategy for you.

– Discover more on FoxTech’s services page .

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Why did FoxTech join our beta?

During numerous conversations and calls together, FoxTech and HoneypotDB shared common challenges with current TI (Threat Intelligence) feeds. As an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) they utilize various Threat Intel feeds to identify malicious behavior and categorize attacks/IOCs (Indicators of compromise) collected by their platform.

Anthony Green, CTO at FoxTech, particularly mentioned the struggles they have with contextualizing alerts in their SOAR system.

Their current TI lacks information on what attacks an alert’s IOCs are commonly associated with, what tactics it uses and what type of businesses does it target. Anthony and their team need to spend extra time manually researching IOCs and related activities during the triage to ensure they can properly assess, detect and defend against threats.

When we explained our goals with HoneypotDB, they were instantly hooked:

I see HoneypotDB as significantly enhancing our threat analysis. Its detailed data on the events unfolding from real attacks will allow us to clearly distinguish threats that represent a real risk from noise that is irrelevant to our customer’s specific environment. This could improve our ability to deliver precise, actionable security insights – a cornerstone of our SOC’s strategy.

– Anthony Green, CTO at FoxTech

Benefits of our beta program

As we embark on this collaborative journey, FoxTech exemplifies our commitment to collaboration and feedback from customers.

As our first beta tester, FoxTech gains exclusive access to the beta version of our product, allowing them to explore its features firsthand and provide invaluable feedback.

Through our Customer Advisory Board, they’ll participate in shaping our roadmap, ensuring that our future developments align with the needs of cybersecurity professionals in the industry, and FoxTech’s challenges.

In addition to influencing our direction, FoxTech enjoys access to exclusive events and meetings and insight into our product, fostering deeper engagement and collaboration with our team. Their participation isn’t just about testing a product; it’s about co-creating solutions that address real-world challenges in cybersecurity.

Moreover, as a token of our appreciation, FoxTech receives a special benefit: 50% off our future pricing as a beta tester. This reflects our gratitude for their commitment and contribution to our community.

How to join

We extend a warm welcome to FoxTech and invite others to join us in this transformative journey.

Learn more about our Beta Program and how you can become a part of our community by visiting our website and getting in touch with us to learn more.

Welcome, FoxTech – thank you for leading the way with us.

Where to follow

Become a beta tester and join us on our mission to fix Cyber Threat Intelligence. We’re building, a platform that captures real-world attacks for the latest CVEs to help analysts build detection rules and defences.

We’re also planning to post regular updates on our development progress on this blog. So keep us bookmarked, or watch out for the post on socials. 🚀


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