October’s Development Update

Brad King

Development Updates

October was another busy Month for HoneypotDB, a real mix of development time writing Python code, deploying infrastructure with terraform and preparing the business for future investment. In this Month’s development update, we’ll discuss some fancy new tools we have in development and plans for our Initial Release this year.

Attack Map: Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

We’re thrilled to unveil a project that has been brewing in our development labs: a live attack map powered by real HoneypotDB data. While attack maps might not be groundbreaking for cybersecurity, they undoubtedly add a visually appealing touch to any Security Operations Center (SOC) wall. What sets our map apart is its integration with real-time data collected from our Honeypot Network. Unlike many other maps out there, ours is driven by the actual threats our network encounters.

What’s even more exciting is that users with accounts will soon be able to dive deeper into any event displayed on the map. Through our user-friendly interface, you can investigate the attack session, dissect the attack chain, and analyze the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) employed. While the map is still in development, we aim to release it as part of our Initial Alpha release later this year. Stay tuned for updates!



Empowering Developers with Python SDK

At HoneypotDB, we are passionate about empowering developers and security engineers to harness the full potential of our platform. That’s why we’ve been hard at work crafting a Python SDK for the HoneypotDB API. This SDK streamlines the process of integrating our intelligence into your scripts, custom tools, and automated threat response systems. We are eagerly anticipating seeing how developers leverage our SDK in their organizations and plan to use it ourselves for building public integrations and enhancing our backend capabilities.

Revamping Our Online Presence

In tandem with our technical developments, we’re diligently revamping our website. As mentioned in our previous blog post , our goal is to create a website that accurately represents the depth of our offerings and the sophistication of our intelligence. To achieve this, we’ve actively sought feedback from industry analysts. Their insights have been invaluable in shaping our product roadmap, allowing us to incorporate genuinely useful features. We are committed to building a tool that analysts find indispensable and dependable.

Preparing for the Alpha Release

Behind the scenes, we’ve been laying the groundwork for our upcoming Alpha release. Our focus has been on refining our infrastructure as code repositories and optimizing our honeypot automation. These efforts are crucial in ensuring a smooth launch at the end of the year.

Real-World Testing: Deploying Initial Honeypots

We’re excited to begin the deployment of our initial honeypots, all orchestrated seamlessly by our automated backbone. This real-world testing phase is invaluable, as it not only validates the effectiveness of our automation but also assesses the capabilities of our honeypots and network backbone. This hands-on experience is shaping our platform to be robust and resilient.

Stepping into the Business Realm: Seeking Investment and Networking

On the business front, HoneypotDB has rapidly evolved from an idea to a fully-fledged venture in just a few short months. As we gear up for the new year, we’re diligently preparing to showcase HoneypotDB and what sets us apart. We’re excited to announce our intention to seek investments, fueling our growth and enabling us to reach new heights.

Embracing Opportunities: Cyber Runway, DiSH Manchester, and Manchester Tech Festival

We’re proud to be part of the Plexal Cyber Runway program, where we’ve had the chance to network with exceptional startups and participate in expert sessions hosted by the Plexal Team and industry leaders. Additionally, our engagement with DiSH Manchester has opened doors to valuable connections and collaborations within the local business community. We recently seized the opportunity to participate in the Manchester Tech Festival Cyber Security day, where we met fellow businesses and extended a warm invitation to join us for our upcoming Alpha release.

We’re incredibly excited about the progress we’re making and the partnerships we’re building. Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to sharing more updates soon!

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