OVH Cloud’s on our side

Brad King

Development Updates

After taking a break in the Spanish Islands, I’m back behind a keyboard coding away. This week its been a mix of Terraform, Ansible and Python and we increased our use of OVH Cloud and continued development work on our authentication APIs.

OVH Cloud Startup Program

Exciting news! We’ve been accepted into the OVH Cloud Startup program ! 🎉

We’ve been taking advantage of OVH Cloud for a while at HoneypotDB, utilizing a range of their public cloud services to run our SaaS infrastructure. Being accepted into their startup programme is fantastic news, really kick-staring our product’s development.

Through the program, we’ve been given $10,000 in OVH Public Cloud credit, access to 1-1 infrastructure mentorship and access to a plethora of resources to maximise our use of their services.

As an engineer with a history using OpenStack and a product that utilizes common technologies like Kubernetes, I’ve been very happy with OVH cloud’s cost-effective public cloud. I’ve been spending the last few days migrating all our infrastructure, including CI/CD Pipeline runners, VPN servers and our SaaS infrastructure. All deployed and managed via Terraform and Ansible, of course!

We’re looking forward to taking full advantage of the program in the months to come!

Integrating the AuthAPI with our UI

Development-wise, this week has seen a lot of work on our Authentication API, our system for user management and API Keys. We’ve been building up capabilities across our APIs to allow integration for our Web UI and to bolster our overall security.

Additionally, addition work on our main website has been progressing, working toward a login-free search capability to allow the quick assessment of a CVE/Indicator right from the landing page.

We’re looking forward to sharing all these great new features with everyone in our upcoming beta release.

Where to follow

We hope you’re as excited about HoneypotDB as we are, and look forward to you giving us a try later this year. In the meantime, we invite you to keep in touch via our various socials.

We’re also planning to post regular updates on our development progress on this blog. So keep us bookmarked, or watch out for the post on socials. 🚀