How do I check HoneypotDB's IP ranges?

To keep our honeypots disguised and private, we don't publish their IP addresses. If you suspect that one of our honeypots has been compromised and is participating attacks, please let us know by reporting abuse and we'll put a stop to it.

I've reported abuse, what happens next?

Our team will review your report and take any necessary action within 24 hours. We'll notify you once your report has been actioned.

To maintain the anonymity of our Honeypots, we are unable to confirm or deny if any action was taken by us. If you do continue to be subject to attack, please do contact us and we'll assist further.

What classifies as abusive behavior?

Attacks, botnet activity, denial of service, excessive probing and malicious resource hosting are examples of abusive behavior that we take seriously, and will take action to resolve.

We may choose to leave a honeypot compromised for a short period if time, allowing us to collect data on how it's being used by threat actors. Rest assured, we do have measures in place to limit this abusive behavior.

How us abusive behavior prevented/limited?

We have detection mechanisms in place to highlight compromised honeypots for deletion, network throttling of increased monitoring.

This is primarily an automated process, but we welcome reports of abuse of you notice anything suspicious.

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